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4x4 Adventures
The two main forestry companies, Komatiland and Global Forest Products have, in their quest to promote eco-tourism, granted rights to a number of independent safari operators to conduct exclusive 4x4 self-drive eco-safaris through their plantations and forests in the Sabie area.

Most stages are challenging to both the novice and the veteran 4x4 enthusiast, but these trips are conducted on approved, non-competitive, enviro-friendly routes.  You will not be crashing through the bush; you will not be crunching over boulders and you will not be crossing rivers in flood.  For most part you can leisurely sip you cup of coffee without spilling a drop.


on top of the world

4x4 Summit Route (Not operational at the moment - 17 March 2009)
"The 4x4 Summit Route is an ideal introduction to one of South Africa's most scenic and historic regions, and includes some compellingly beautiful waterfalls.  The route is definitely people and vehicle friendly.  All too many 4x4 trails are either potentially damaging to lifestyle 4x4s, or daunting to newcomers to the 4x4 scene.  This route rates as one of the easiest around"  (South African Country Life, January 2001)

Webmaster's Note

There are literally thousands of kilos of plantation roads in the Sabie area - most of them closed to the general public.

A 4x4 adventure tour is an unforgettable experience that will take you to some breathtaking scenery not often seen by tourists - and you get to grin at all those annoying No Entry signs!

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