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What we Offer
Rainbow and Brown Trout on 8km of river fishing.

Easily accessible waters with a gravel road running along the river.

Please take caution during the rainy season as water levels can rise almost unpredictably.

Fly Fishing
on the

Sabie River

Rising on the slopes of the Mauchsberg and Mount Anderson catchment area, the Sabie River flows alongside the town of Sabie to join the Komati River 30km east of the Mpumalanga - Mozambique border. For 45km it flows to the western border of the Kruger National Park and for a further 64km within Kruger itself, before heading towards Mozambique to meet the Indian Ocean.

It is at the source of this pristine water system, where the Horse Shoe and Lone Creek streams meet just 9km outside the town of Sabie, that the Sabie Trout Angling Club (STAC) has for the past 70 years successfully managed and controlled approximately 8km of fine trout fishing waters - considered by many a fly-fisher to be the best river fishing venue in Mpumalanga.

The Sabie
Trout Angling Club

(Established 1949)

We have borrowed from Nature a piece of her most beautiful bounty. We respected, nurtured and maintained it for more than 70 summers so that those who come a long time after, will still find it to be the best river fly-fishing venue in Mpumalanga.


Working in close cooperation with forestry the STAC has been granted access to the property bordering the Sabie River, enabling members and visitors to fish these waters.

Beginners and seasoned anglers alike will find the fishing on offer to be a great challenge and are guaranteed a pleasant experience as only nature's best is served here.

Good catches ranging from 200g to more than 1kg can be enjoyed and top quality performance is guaranteed from these predators who will put your skills and tackle to the test.

Upon purchase of a permit, fly fishers will be supplied with a map of the club waters bearing pool names such as Deep Pool, Jacob's Pool, Poacher's Pool, as well as many more - all producers of fine fish.

Popular pools are well marked and bank clearing is done regularly, however anglers must bear in mind that river fishing maintains its natural obstacles and a good day's fishing will require that extra dedication.

The Sabie Trout Angling Club can also assist with permits to fish the Blyde River above Pilgrim's Rest

This is where the sun dances on the water, where fairies in flight place ripples upon the crystal waters and nature and fisherman compete to reap the rewards of their labour.

Permit Info
1-Day Fishing Permit: R150
3-Day Fishing Permit: R250
1-Day Access Permit: R50 (non-fishing)

Permits are available from the Merry Pebbles Resort, and Uvuvi Fishing Shop in Sabie, as well as from Angling and Outdoor in Nelspruit. Everyone on the premises must be in possession of a valid membership card or a valid day permit.

Water Report
(Last update: February 2020)

Water Clarity:


Water Volume:

"A trout is too valuable to be caught only once."  Catch and release is a practice promoted on this river, provided it is done with utmost caution and in accordance with catch-and-release codes of conduct.

Contact Detail
Werner Wessels 083 677 1307

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