Fishing the Mountain

The Delagoos Berg, Mount Anderson, Formosa Mountain and Mauchsberg are all mountain peaks in the Mpumalanga section of the Drakensberg, which make up the ranges surrounding Sabie and Pilgrim’s Rest. A number of River Systems with marvellous Trout Fishing potential have their sources in this range.

On the Eastern side the streams are the source of the Sabie River, while on the Northern side the streams running towards Pilgrims Rest are some of the sources of the Blyde River.

The Sabie River itself has the reputation of being the cleanest river flowing towards the Indian Ocean in the RSA. One of the reasons for this bonanza is that the source consists of a mass of crystal clear mountain streams that are filtered through indigenous natural pristine forests and virgin protected and undisturbed territory until the Sabie River proper is formed. Trout fishing takes place before there can be any form of pollution at all until the River reaches inhabited banks where there are industries and human settlements.  The River flows over level terrain for the stretch between Horse Shoe Falls, Lone Creek Falls and Sabie town.

The River meanders gracefully providing pools, stretches, corners and all sorts of other fishing spots. Eventually the river reaches and feeds Lake Olaf.

The Sabie Trout Angling Club maintains these waters in a pristine state, through the proactive dedicated hands of a passionate management team. The River is judicially but regularly stocked with Rainbow trout on an ongoing basis. A while ago I heard a seasoned trout fisherman say that in Sabie he had discovered the best-kept trout fishing secret in the RSA. The Sabie River presently hosts what is known as the best “flowing river trout fishing” experience in Mpumalanga.

The Sabie
Trout Angling Club

(Established 1949)

“We have borrowed from Nature a piece of her most beautiful bounty. We respected, nurtured and maintained it for more than 55 summers so that those who visit us a long time hence, will still find it to be the best river fly-fishing venue in Mpumalanga”.

The Blyde River passing North/East of Pilgrim’s Rest demands a focused, energetic, innovative and dedicated effort at hunting your quarry, or you will not land your catch. The water is fast, the fish are lively and the going is tough. For the truly devoted Trout fisherman the Blyde will provide you all the satisfaction of a worthwhile experience and will give any of the best trout fishermen a run for their money.

On the Western side of the range the streams flowing West are the source of the Finsbury and Klein Spekboom Rivers, which eventually flow into the Spekboom Rivier, which in turn eventually flows into the Olifants River.

Trout fishing on the Finsbury and Spekboom Rivers is exceptionally well-organized, well known and carefully exploited. The fishing is mostly from weir banks near conveniently placed artificial rapids. There is however also excellent stream and free river fishing available.

Organized tours with offbeat top-class full fare experiences are available.

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