Knotty Nook Gallery of Fine Art and The Loft Coffee Shoppe

Knotty Nook Gallery

Welcome to the Knotty Nook Gallery of Fine Art in Sabie.

We are able to introduce you through our extensive art network to celebrated local, national and international artists and sculptors, or dealers, for paintings, hand knotted carpets and tapestries, and other fine pieces of art. The majority of our art falls into the affordable price range, with a few selected pieces for collectors. The Knotty Nook can also buy your art in for cash. At present we have one of the best exhibitions of Art on display in its class in the RSA.

We display a great variety of subjects – such as landscapes, still life, wildlife, figures studies, and within these choices there is also a sensible balance of different styles in a variety of different mediums.

The Loft Coffee Shop and Knotty Nook Art Gallery

There are oils, pencil and charcoal sketches, acrylics, watercolours, etchings, collages and montages to enjoy and to acquire at affordable prices.

We pride ourselves in opening the first real dedicated Fine Art Gallery in Sabie and are looking forward to the day that Sabie will be known for its collection of fine art works.

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For Group Fine Art Gallery tours throughout the Highlands, Panorama and Lowveld Regions of Mpumalanga. Join us on an exploratory adventure of really stunning art collections and gallery displays. Call our Dream Merchants for more details on
013 764 1177

Email us at

The Knotty Nook Gallery and the Loft Coffee Shoppe share the same space under roof. Art decorates the Coffee Shoppe walls and helps to create a pleasant ambience for the Coffee Shoppe patrons as they comfortably while their time away before embarking on the next leg of their journey.

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Platter in the Loft

Cakes to Order

Be seduced by the suggestion of lovingly and carefully crafted home bakes, platters, or special treats from our own kitchen, and round off your meal with a rich creamy brew of locally grown Arabica coffee from off our own cool mountainsides. We also sell packets of this Africa Coffee off our table consisting of Espresso, Dark Roast, Medium Blend or Bushveld Blend. All are suitable for either the French Press, for Filter Coffee, or in a Coffee machine.

As groups on tour try our lunch concept with a difference. We can host you to a boma braai lunch, or a regular braai and spit braai with all the trimmings out at Macmac Pools or at Lone Creek Falls. A cash bar is available.

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Call our Dream Merchants at The Loft Coffee Shoppe for more details on
013 764 1177

Email us at

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