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Impressions Gained from the Diary of Florence Brooke Shires Diarist of Brooklands

Florence eventually married Joseph Brooke Shires, who seems to have been a country boy himself, from a more or less similar background. He must have been a man of means being able to buy the farm “Onverwacht” which he named … Continue reading

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Swann’s Race

One of the Spitzkop diggers was particularly famous. He was an individual named John Swann. He had made a rich strike somewhere near Spitzkop, but always kept it a close secret. Working on his own at night, he contrived to … Continue reading

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The Battle of The Long Tom Pass

The Pass was named after the final conventional Anglo Boer War battle that took place on the slopes of Mauchsberg between Lydenburg and Sabie, reaching a peak summit of almost 2000 meters. A replica of the Long Tom cannon stands … Continue reading

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Knotty Nook Gallery of Fine Art and The Loft Coffee Shoppe

Welcome to the Knotty Nook Gallery of Fine Art in Sabie. We are able to introduce you through our extensive art network to celebrated local, national and international artists and sculptors, or dealers, for paintings, hand knotted carpets and tapestries, … Continue reading

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The Persistent Legend of the Kruger Millions Raises its Head Once Again

The story of the Kruger Millions is a legend that refuses to die, although history has (supposedly) disproved the existence of the treasure; searchers are however still hunting for the elusive treasure. The Anglo-Boer war and events at the time … Continue reading

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